Ganer Opare Serial Songs, Casting

Ganer Opare Songs, Casting,  Cast and Crew of Star Jalsa Ganer Opare, Lyrics

The story revolves around a girl called Pupe from an orthodox Tagore-worshipping family and  Gora, an extremely talented but care-free lad, who keeps  on experimenting with  Rabindra sangeet...oops...Rabi Thakurer gaan....  Now what intrigues you is : never the twain shall meet ?

This TV show marks the beginning of a-year-long celebration of 150th birth anniversary of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore.

A rivetting story by Anuja Chattopadhyay, which stands apart from your run of the mill daily soaps. Watch it and get hooked !

Gaaner Opare Star Jalsha Serial

Cast and Crew :

Story  : Anuja Chattopadhyay

Script : Rituparno Ghosh

Music : Debajyoti Mishra

Producer : Ideas Creations ( Prosenjit Chatterjee & Arpita Chatterjee )

Director : Joydip Mukherjee ( Directed Bandhan & Ekhaney Akash Neel as well)

SingersSamantak Sinha  sings for Gora.

Sharmishtha Pal sings for Pupe,  Runu Datta sings for Sucharita, Debasish Banerjee sings for Sribilas (Sabyasachi Chakraborty), Amrita Dutta, Anindya Narayan Biswas

Cast :

Pupe / Sohini : Mimi Chakraborty 

Mishtu : Tania

Pradipta  : Gaurav Chakraborty 

Kumu / Kumudini : Shalmi Barman

Jhinuk  : Anindita Bose

Tintin  : Indrasish Roy

Thammi / Sucharita : Alakananda Roy

Chandrashekhar Deb / Thakurda : Dipankar Dey

Sribilas Deb ( Bisree ) / Pupe's Father / Musafir : Sabyasachi Chakraborty
Ajanta ( Mishtu's mother ) :  Anindita Saha Kapileshwari

Others : Kaushik Sen ( Chhoton, youngest son of Chandrashekhar ), Aparajita Adhya ( Pupe's mother ) , Anuradha Roy ( Pupe's Jethima ) , Bodhisattwa Majumder ( Nikhil, elder son of Chandrashekhar , Pupe's Jethu) , Krishnakishore ( Binu, Mishtu's father ), Anjana Basu ( Pupe's Chhoto Kakima) , Ananya Chatterjee,  Saswata Chatterjee ( Jhinuk & Tintin's Boss) , Biswajit Chakrabarty ( Pradipta's father ) , Mithu Chakrabarty ( Prodipta's mother ), Saumya (Uttiya), Rohit Samanta (Ayan, Jhinuk's ex boy-friend)


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New Bytes  According to Joydip Mukherjee, director of Gaaner Opaare, the show is enjoying popularity and has been getting a TRP beyond expectation. It will be a 260 episode show even if there is a drop in TRP in future, he has revealed.

Old Bytes : As per a news report published in ABP on 11th December,  Ganer Opare will/can come to an end very soon, thanks to low TRP. Though measurement of TRP is not flaw-less, still TV channels go by them. If you are a Ganer Opare fan, try to boost TRP by sharing your likes about this off beat TV Serial with your dear ones. Spread the word. Though we have no commercial interest in it, we can try our bit to save this fabulous show, which is actually a tribute to Kaviguru.


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Songs and Videos of Ganer Opare :


Song : Pran chay chakshu na chay   : Lyrics here


Song : Tomar Khola Hawa   Lyrics here


Ami tomar preme habo sabar kalanka bhagi   Lyrics



Ami rupe tomay bholabo na >>  Lyrics



Song : Ami marer sagar pari debo   Lyrics



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>> Pupe (Mimi) and Gora's (Arjun) Bengali Film Bapi Bari Ja

>> Mimi Chakraborty, Actress ( Pupe )

>> Arjun Chakraborty, Actor ( Gora )

>> Gaurav Chakraborty, Actor ( Pradipta )

>> Shalmi Barman ( Kumu )

>>  Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Actor  ....About him, his sons and family



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Name :



its an awesome serial. I recommend all to watch

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hi, thanks for the actors details of this TV serial.

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ei serial ta theke proman hoy je bhalo story hole TRP -r katha chinta korte hoy na. High TRP comes easy.

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Name :

Rahul Basu


One of the best serials that I have watched till date.

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Rituparno Ghosh ke asonkho dhonnobad, eto sundor ekti dharabahik upohar dewar jonno.. Bangla serial ei prothom porinoto mone hoche....

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pradipta aka gaurav is the best lookin guy in tinsel town..undoubtedly!!! am a big fan of his!!

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pleez upload the 'ami maarer sagar pari debo' and amar moner gopono bijono ghore'

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Hi Koko, ami maarer sagar pari debo has been added. Please check

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its realy awesome..i like it 4rm my heart..

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dz s d best serial !!!!! fantastic script nd some mindblwng prfrmnces 4m sohini nd gora keep it up guyzzz!!!!

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osadharon serial. we watch all the repeat telecasts also. but have a question. who's the singer for pupe's songs?

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this serial truly takes us 'gaaner opare'. Hats off to the entire cast.

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Amar Rabindra Sangit khub bhalo lage. And I like this prog.

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Rituparno Ghosh ke asonkho dhonnobad je Ei prothom Eto Bhalo, Marjito ekta serial upohar er jonno, Pupe and Gora r obhinoy superbe, Amar mone hor pupe and Gore khub Porinoto obhinoy korche, kader kotha bolbo ? sobai ek kothai superbe, Gaan guli o osadharon, Bangla serial ami khub ekta dekhi na, je guli majhe majhe chok pore sei guli ottanto khelo, na aache kono porinoto Direction, Golpo o tai, Tai gaaner Opare serial ta amar mon chuye jai, Thank s again emon ekta serial present korar jonno.

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